Thursday, November 20, 2008

Little Jack

Anthony Morrow, an undrafted rookie for the Golden State Warriors, shocked the NBA world by busting out with 37 points on 15/20 shooting and pulling down 12 rebounds in his first NBA start. He followed up the next game by pouring in 25 points against Portland on Tuesday.

ESPN's John Hollinger calls Morrow a poor man's Michael Redd but the nickname given to the former Georgia Tech star by his new teammates made my evening. "Little Jack"

SF Gate:Within weeks of coming to the Warriors, Morrow had earned the nickname "Little Jack" because he reminded people of Stephen Jackson, whom he resembles from a distance. (In college, he went by A-Mo.) Jackson welcomed the comparison and decided to quasi-adopt the rookie.

"I always like the underdog," Jackson said. "I root for them in movies. I root for them in sports. ... Players who make it when they're not drafted, I love their attitudes. Last year, I said C.J Watson was my son. Now, he's got a brother."

Big Jack

Little Jack

Anthony Morrow Draft Express Bio

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