Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Memo To Fox Sports

My estimation is that the largest demographic group watching last night's Fiesta Bowl between Texas and Ohio State would be adult males. So why in the world would the TV producers at Fox continually shove shots of the Texas band down our throats instead of focusing on the ample UT cheer poon in assless chaps? Only Jim Tressel not running QB Pryor on two 2-point tries was engaging in more of a moronic thought process.

My advice to TV truck guys is free and easy.



The even more infuriating production decision was the absolute tease job of Colt McCoy's bombshell girlfriend, Rachel Glandorf. The TV cameras wisely found the hottie Rachel sitting with her beau's parents late in the first but inexplicably, never really featured her again.

Maybe they were frustrated like I was of the dude blocking her view which prevented a full body peek. The likely possible explanation could have been the ginger kid to the left of Rachel, Colt's brother, scared the living crap out of the camera man. I did a triple take to make sure I was not watching a scene from Joe Dirt. (If I want to be really mean, or the show, Life Goes On.)

This is why blogs are necessary to fill in the gaps that Fox Sports dug and god bless, the Google. It turns out Rachel is full on Baylor Bears poon and a wannabee Erin Andrews.

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