Thursday, January 29, 2009

TV Report Predicting the Future

Here is a 1981 San Francisco TV report foreshadowing the potential downfall of printed news by predicting all news will be read someday on a computer.

I have strong beliefs that humans will create many more amazing technological advances over the next 25 years but I have little faith in our Corporate masters actually using those innovations to benefit consumers to their maximized ability.

Instead of embracing technology for progressive changes of their business models, the majority of global Corporations will continue to protect the profits of their market shares by limiting technology. Telecoms, Tech/Cable/Record companies, TV and Movie studios all engage in this narrow minded anti consumer paranoid behavior today.

The whole RIAA suing debacle is just one major example of Corporate greed impeding technological forces to screw the consumer. Rather than providing a new alternative method than buying $16.99 CDs in stores, RIAA sent out the lawyers to ruin people's lives with legal bills.

This is another reason why Net Neutrality is paramount for a free and open internet by keeping the corporations at bay.

RIAA v. The People: Five Years Later
Save the Internet

Video HT: Videogum

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