Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Link Whores

  • Buffalo Bills Cheerleader Shows Off Flexibility In Saddam Hussein’s Old Haunt. Busted Coverage
  • Maxim Brazil continues to amaze; meet Deborah Secco On 205th
  • Deadspin gets called out for slanted and piss poor coverage of Indiana basketball. I can not believe that I am defending IU hoops in any fashion. When did I become objective? A 1000 word rant is way over due on MGW to get my cynical and biased fandom voice back. Yahoo Sports Blogs
  • In Summary: Chris Mottram is a stud, Shrute bag is still a dbag, TBL will always be a mainstream media puppet/blogger sellout and Scott Van Pelt gets it. Awful Announcing
  • Texas Tech will slip back to being irrelevant if they run Mike Leach out of dry town Lubbock. The Wiz of Odds

Picture Credit: That's What She Said

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