Friday, April 17, 2009

"If You aint Teabaggin, You aren't an American"

I just could not quit the Fox News Tea Baggers. Time to go to the tape and here is a preview.

This woman asked relevant follow up questions to a protester like "why is our President a fascist?" and he had no answers. Of course, Fox News and the wing nuts are attacking the big bad biased CNN. Lou Dobbs gets to spout his hateful anti immigrant crap every night on CNN and bashing minorities is TOTALLY apart of the "liberal" agenda.

Fox News fully owned the Tea Baggin with their incessant promotion and out of control coverage. For some bizarre reason, the News Corp suits decided to brazenly go all in on these pretty average attended protests. Now any sane person could see that the Fox News Channel is just a partisan (Republican) TV mouth piece for a major US political party. No Democrat should ever go on a Fox News show and the Obama Administration should never answer one of their questions again. You do not cater to the enemy in political campaigns so how is giving Fox News credibility and cover for their clear partisan agenda any different?

Teabaggin protests served up the humor to the Daily Show writers on a Tee.

Jeffrey Toobin is one of the handful of blowhards on cable news that I actually respect his opinion. He is befuddled to what was the point of these demonstrations.

A progressive blogger infiltrated the Tea Baggin and his facts laden speech, predictably did not pump up the conspiracy lovin crowd.

When did Fox News Business channel and News Corp not represent Corporate America's interests? The lying and the stoopid just hurts the brain.

When I watch this Corporate lackey spout his faux populist/fascist mumbo jumbo, I almost can see Fox News leader Roger Ailes and News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch grinning in some dark room at his excellent performance.

The videos are endless and my next post will probably focus on the hilarious signs. In case googling Urban dictionary is too difficult, here is an image of what real Tea Baggin looks like.

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