Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Tebagger's Revoultion will be Televised on Fox

I really do not have time to deeply mock the whole Teabaggers Anti Obama protests on April 15th, which are promoted by Fox News and funded by right wing Corporate interests but I will just go to the tapes.

My favorite line, What ever happened to Fox News telling protesters to "Get a Job"?

The teabaggers leader is Fox News' new star, Glenn Beck. Looney TUNES!!!

I have no issues with Fox hyping up these tax protests but then you must drop the whole "fair and balanced" label because political party propaganda outfits do no get to call themselves a "news" organization.

Morning Joe has some advice for his Teabag teammates, come up with some actual ideas!!

Any video that starts by welcoming you to Teabag Central is sure to be golden.

My boy, Jack Donaghy must be cringing that he is associated with these Tea Baggers because it is not really helping with the general public credibility of the Republican party.

Even Tweedy can not stop laughing at Fox's fair and balanced charade.

This Brit has a hilarious take on the US news media.

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