Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Daft Punk Movie Releasing in North America

DAFT PUNK is not only playing some North American dates, they are also finally planning on releasing their Electroma film here in the states. The movie had been out for a while but has taken a long time to see the light of North American screens.

Mac G is a HUGE fan of Daft Punk. My entire Cancun spring break revolved around yelling out the song "Una Mas Tiempo", which turns out is NOT the correct Spanish translation of
"One More Time." Mac G had this espanol down pat: "Lo Siento, Policia, no mas dinero or Mas Tequila, Por favor!!"

This robot movie looks pretty tripped out.

Mac G's favorite Daft Punk Song.

North American Tour Dates
7/21 in LA - Sport Arena
7/27 in Berkeley - Greek Theatre
7/29 in Seattle - Washington Mutual Center
7/31 in Denver - Red Rocks
8/3 in Chicago - Lollapollazoo
8/5 in Toronto - Arrow Hall
8/7 in Montreal - Bell Center
8/9 in NYC - Keyspan Park

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