Monday, June 18, 2007

"I'll Kill Everyone in the CLUB"

Troubled NFL star Adam "Pacman" Jones is wanted for questioning in a shooting early Monday at a DeKalb County strip club that left one man with minor injuries.

DeKalb police confirmed they want to talk to the College Park native, whose entourage got into an argument with three other men about 4:16 a.m. at Club Blaze

When the men with whom they argued left the club, Jones's entourage followed them in two vehicles police identified as a green Dodge Charger and a black Pontiac Grand Prix.

Someone from Jones' entourage allegedly shot into the vehicle they were following, Toledo said. Someone in the victim's car returned fire. One person in the victim's car suffered minor injuries from shrapnel, but refused treatment, Toledo said. The gunfire exchange happened near I-285.

It gets better. Atlanta's ABC affiliate has a report with first hand accounts from the victims, pictures of the gun holes, and this reported quote from a drunk belligerent Pac Man Jones.

"I'll Kill Everyone in the Club"

This just seems out of character for Pac Man to be involved in a verbal altercation at a strip club at 4am. No Fn WAY!! Oh, Pac Man has been arrested at Club Blaze before!

This incident is further evidence that no way Pac Man makes it through his NFL suspension without getting into more trouble and Mac G is starting to believe that he will never play in the League again. Pac Man must have a team of lawyers on retainer just waiting by the phone and their hourly billing rate is obviously way higher than his IQ.

Mac G would like to know if his questioning by police will go exactly like this IM conversation.

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