Monday, August 06, 2007

Big Love with Bill's Libido

My new favorite show is Big Love on HBO. I missed the first season and just started watching this past season. It is great. People focus on the polygamist of the main character, Bill Henrickson, but the show is full of great acting, high drama, sweet writing and fluid story lines.

On last week's episode, Bill feel asleep on accident in the basement couch while being up late doing work and he was awoken to his 3 wives all up in his face. I thought one emotional chick nagging was bad enough. Poor Guy.

He had missed one of their nights to hang out and they were upset. He rotates every 2 nights the time he spends with each wife. Later, Bill proposes a night off a week. His suggestion did got over too well with his original wife Barbara and she kicked him out of bed one night to the couch after an argument.

When a normal man gets banished to the couch, his reward is a night of restless sleep and maybe highlighted by a soft skinamax production.

What does any good polygamist do in that situation? Go over to the hottest wife's house, Margene, mow her box and pin her naked on to the window! Maybe this no coffee and booze mormon stuff could work out after all!

His second wife, Nicki, witnesses Bill's 69 session and she is flabbergasted that Margene would make him do that. This later leads to Bill trying to go down on her but Margene refuses becuase she likes to see his face and instead she just hops on for another holy spirit ride! Mac G needs Bill's libido, he is never out of bullets!

There are various fascinating story lines. Here is a recap of last week's episode from the best blog on the tubes, The House Next Door.
Here are 2 other fans takes on the show.
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Marge is played by actress Ginnifer Goodwin. She is GREAT and SMOKING HOT. Her hotness came down once I found out she was dating horrible Dbag actor, Kris Klein. Katie Holmes dumped Klein to wed nut job Cruise so maybe he is looking for a look alike. Their looks are strikingly similar.

NetFlix season one or get Season 2 on Demand. Check it out, Monday Nights, 9 eastern on HBO.

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NinjasOfLoretto said...

i love big love as well, it's a great show. but there was definitely no 69ing going on in that episode...i'm not sure what you're referring to...?