Wednesday, August 08, 2007

NFL Fans are Crazy!

One of the secrets of the NFL, aside from their reliance on gambling/fantasy to fuel the sports popularity or the continual downplaying of players' head trauma injuries, is the outrageous fan behavior at games. They revel in getting BOMBED and starting fights. It is spectacle in itself and their actions border criminal behavior.

I have attended a few NFL games in recent years and each time I have worried about my personal safety. I witnessed numerous unruly, fight provoking acts. Drunk Dudes in bathrooms mocking everyone, Continual harassment of visiting teams fans and little regard for the home or away fans sitting around their seat.

My father was a target at a Chiefs game because he wore his Colts gear. Fans yelled "Kansas City, FIRST DOWN" over and over in his face.

I do not advocate bringing any kid under 14 to NFL game. It is not a pleasurable experience, especially at 80-100 a ticket, 7 dollars a beer and 30 dollar parking.

It is a total different atmosphere at a college game. Students and adult fans tend to get rowdy. I have seen a few skirmishes over the years. My favorites were 2 yuppy dudes in their late 40s, fans of Iowa/Iowa State almost come to blows in the mud outside of Jack Trice stadium in Lames USA. Or the Crappy Wisconsin Dirty Badger fans coming into Iowa City and squirting mustard all over the Iowa Student section. It was bad enough that Ron Dayne was running for 300 bazillion yards in a Badger A$$ kicking. This classless dirty badger act almost started a riot in the stands.

However, for the most part college fans are pretty behaved. They focus on showing their school spirit/pride and enjoying the tailgating atmosphere of a college town on Game Day. No one is telling a dad to shut the F up in front of 9 year old kid in his Eagles jersey or wearing a Cowboys jersey to a game not involving the Cowboys and start a F you chant to both teams.

I am probably the most vocal fan that you will find. I will cheer/scream at refs, players, coaches. I will say the same thing from any seat in the house. I never cross the line by trying to start violent acts against complete strangers solely based on the colors of their clothes.

I doubt Mac G will attend any NFL games in person this season. My NFL ticket in HD, with 3 TVs and continuous live fantasy scoring suits me just fine. No overweight drunk guy wearing camo purple fuba pants in a Todd Heap jersey tells me on my couch that the Packers suck. The only people who mock Brett Favre are my friends and I am not afraid of them. I am just scared of my girlfriend, Miss So Bell. Thank God she is not a Raider fan. Check out this Clip.

BTW, This might be the most successful thing someone in a Randy Moss jersey ever accomplished in Raiders stadium. Punks.


Anonymous said...

Really, Sherlock? NFL fans are crazy? Was it your common sense that discovered this or...oh yeah, your dad got yelled at...yes, I see now. Well it's nice you'll be in front of your TV jacking off to all the games now. Do you jackoff in third person to? "Oh that's right Mac G. You're so fucking hot!"

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