Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"This is a Book Interview From Hell"

My admiration for Jon Stewart is no secret because he brings it every night with funny intelligent material. He mocks ALL government leaders and continually points out the flaws of our Corporate owned media.

The most underrated part of Stewart's show is his approach to interviewing. While he jokes with his quests, he will ask hard hitting follow up questions. He does not allow his guests to continually spin and John McCain's appearance on the Daily Show earlier this year is an example.

Stewart and McCain exchanged views about war cheerleaders constantly questioning those who want to end the war as being against the troops, which is an obviously ridiculous argument. Check out the video.

I want the war to end, so do most Americans but this does not mean we are loser defeatists that hate our country and military. I would argue that people against the war actually like the troops more because they do not want them to continually die any more and believe their life is worth more than just some pawn in Dick Cheney's never ending Neocon war games.

I see no advantage in making this point because arguing over who is more patriotic is a silly futile discussion and does not help us find solutions to getting our troops out of the Sunni/Shia civil war. More of the same is not a new policy either.

Most Americans no longer see the point of throwing money and lives away to this occupation. I just wish the our political leaders would actually listen to the American people and stop using our tax dollars to fund this madness. Now the Neocons want to start a 3rd WAR in Iran!! Unbelievable. I plan on writing more on both these topics soon.

Anyway, Chris Matthews is on the Daily Show to promote his book:"Life is a Campaign." Stewart has read the book and does not understand how life is like a political campaign. Matthews gets pissed and the exchange is classic. I hope Stewart goes on Hard Ball.

The saddest part is that one of the best political journalists in America right now is a comedian. Somewhere Murrow and Cronkite are cringing about that somber but true statement.

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