Sunday, January 20, 2008

Packer Fan Grief

My will for anything in life suddenly hit rock bottom as Tynes field goal hooked left to beat Green Bay. The Giants outplayed the Packers in every facet of the game and deserved to win. I hope they beat the Pats.

I have not felt this bad since Eagles WR's Freddie Mitchell's catch on 4th&26, 49ers TO's last second game winning TD grab and the Broncos upset of the Packers in Super Bowl XXXII.
Here are the 5 stages of my current Packer fan grief:

  1. Denial- The Packers lose the NFC title game at home to the Giants led by Eli Manning? NO WAY! Eli's throws sailed to his WRs instead of Packer defenders. I thought Eli sucked in cold weather too.

  2. Anger- What was McCarthy doing abandoning the run so early in the 2nd half? How about calling more slants to Jennings and Driver? The short passing game, which was unstoppable all season, was MIA. Where was the Packers D? Favre's gunslinger act cost them the game. The Refs Fd the Packers on numerous calls. Why do I care about sports? I hate them and I am going to start following the Opera.

  3. Bargaining-If the Giants take out the Patriots, this loss will not seem as bad.

  4. Depression- I can not watch any football related programming for weeks and I might skip the Super Bowl. I do not want to get out bed, eat food or drink booze. The Packers might not get to another NFC title game again in my lifetime. My sports idol's (Favre) career might be over. A ex coworker was going to possibly hook me up with a Super Bowl ticket and I even had a place to crash in Phoenix. Now on that weekend, I will be going to Miss So Bell's family wedding. The Sports God's hate me.

  5. Acceptance- The Packers had an amazing improbable season, going from 8-8 to 14-4 and were one OT scoring drive away from a Super Bowl berth. This talented team is young, has a favorable cap number and in case Favre hangs it up, Aaron Rodgers is a capable NFL QB. Favre set every passing record and was instrumental in Green Bay's resurgence. The future looks bright for the organization.

I am already in stage 4 and once I get to acceptance, I will be able to write again. Word, Mac G.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Mac- That was a golden opportunity.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

The Pack got away from what they have been doing really well and that is running the ball. Grant should have gotten more touches. The Giants did play a great game though and deserved to win it.

Anonymous said...

I cannot agree that the Pack got away from what they were doing well. Grant was getting shut down all game. However, you are correct in the fact that they abandoned the short passing game. All I heard about all week was how Favre was going to be doing 3 step drops and getting the ball out of his hands, but that didn't happen too much. Better luck next year, hopefully Favre doesn't retire just yet.

gerry dorsey said...

mac g if you ever need someone to talk to about pain, suffering, and disappointment, i'm here for you...and i'm a saints fan.

joe said...

My pals and I were wondering after the game, how Favre ever won a super bowl? He always comes up short in big games. His decision making in big games is always bad. I've been to a lot of Packer games during the Favre era and enjoyed this season more than all the other seasons since the super bowl winning one, so maybe I shouldn't be so hard on the guy. I love the Packers and 4 so I hope he comes back next year and makes it back to the NFC championship game so he can prove to all the fans of the NFL that he can make the right decisions in crunch time. I would like to remember him for all the great plays he made not for a game losing int.

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