Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am unaware if manual labor is now beneath Joe the "wannabee country star/congressman/social security expert" but the McCain campaign desperately needs him to work on the tracks of this national TV trainwreck.

Wow, that sure made sense eh? These intellectual bankrupt smears are too much to take anymore and I feel obligated to sound off quickly.(Warning, Rant Coming)

These hacks just pollute the discourse with toxic falsehoods. The guy this Mike Goldfarb Dbag is railing about, Rashid Khalidi, is an esteemed Palestinian scholar and to smear him for political gain is pure McCarthyism. The McCain blow hard obviously does not even know what he is talking about and by the way, American Jews are supporting Obama by 52 points!!!
Obama must really be anti Semantic to roll up those high margins. What a Fn Idiot.

Read this post
from Middle East Professor and respected blogger, Juan Cole for a detailed smack down of the low and dishonest attacks on an international respected academic.

Scott Horton provides another insightful perspective on these latest absurd attacks and Barrett Rubin, of Jewish descent, has hosted him in his own home.

Eric Martin expands on the bigotry tactics and Hillzoy argues calling Khalidi a neo-nazi is beyond vile. Even the pro war hawk WPost editorial board believes this is BS.

I know this is way off topic but I could take this crap anymore and maybe someone out there would actually like to know the truth about the lives and accomplishments of those who are unfairly made as campaign scapegoats for cheap political points.

One final note, I initially felt bad for Joe the suckeye fan and being thrust into the spotlight was genuinely not his fault. When he would not shut his mouth and reveled in his notoriety by railing on Obama's public policies with ignorant statements, my compassion quickly faded.

Every time I listen to this tax evader speak, I get the same head banging feelings my friends on the right do while watching Ben Affleck or Janeane Garofalo gab about politics.( I can't stand them either.)

Plus, Joe does not even actually possess the characteristics his campaign prop image is supposed to represent as a business owner making 250K a year after deductions. I hope this guy personally cashes in on his William Hung fame but seriously, please go away soon.

Juan Cole
The New McCarthyism
Another myth fallen: Obama's "Jewish problem"
Rubin: My Friend, the "Neo-Nazi"
If You Have a Racist Friend, Now Is the Time for That Friendship to End

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