Thursday, October 30, 2008

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I was enjoying Happy Hour last Friday at a downtown DC tavern when I noticed the paramedics roll in. A business man, likely in his late 40's or 50s, was their target. I was shocked that this was going down right near me because I never witnessed any commotion or your usual vomit/sexual harassment/falling down experience.

The man was sitting at the bar, barely coherent and clenching his scotch glass with an iron first. Eventually, the medics wheeled him out on the gurney. Quickly, the bar patrons went back to pounding cheap beers and watching young drunk professional chicks dry hump each other.

The reason this story came to mind was after this same scenario played out to John Daly at Hooters except Daly resisted and was thrown in the clink to sober up.

Daly has been my favorite golfer forever and it appears he can not overcome the demons in his life. Or simply, he should have ate more wings to wash down his 10 jack and diets.

What is up with America that we continually find compassion and love for the fat gambling alcoholic, who continually screws up but we absolutely loathe and hate the strip club loving drunk idiot like Pac Man Jones?

Then again, this is the same America that allows Joe "the wannabee plumber" to have a publicist/agent looking to secure him a country music deal and gives this tax avoiding schmuck a TV platform to bash Obama over about Israel and social security. Joe wants to talk about foreign policy? Is this a Joke? Even Fox News came to defend Obama from Joe's ignorance so you know this dude is beyond clueless.

Sorry, that was insult to all of schmucks out there like myself. word, Mac G.

UPDATE: Cajun Boy is really pissed about Joe the wannabee plumber's mouth.

Speaking of Joe the Plumber, something just dawned on me...I really want to kick his fucking ass! Seriously, I'm one of the least violent people you'll ever meet but each and every time I see or hear this oafish dipshit sheepishly mumbling his little talking points into any microphone that's shoved into his face that Sean Hannity probably writes for him each day, I feel myself suddenly overcome with a visceral bloodlust. I want to make him squeal like a pig by repeatedly pummeling his big stupid head with my fists.

Dude is perhaps the most annoying sack of shit to enter American politics since...since...nobody...he IS the most annoying sack of shit to ever enter American politics. Anyone who says the things that he says without ANY basis in fact whatsoever, then never gets challenged on it because he's an "ordinary citizen just speaking his mind," and then refuses to back it up all when someone finally does nut up and ask some questions by invoking the pussy move to end all pussy moves..."well, I'm just expressing how I feel personally and people can go out and make their own decisions."

Bullshit fuckface!

What evidence do you have that Barack Obama as president would lead to the death of Israel? His name? Bill Ayers? Let's hear it asshole! Because he has been absolutely unequivocal in his support to this point in time.

How bout bout I say something I feel right about know...Joe the Plumber is a kid-fucker. Yep, he is. Totally. He fucks little boys. Blind ones. In their innocent, tight little assholes, he fucks them. How do I know this? Well, I'm not gonna get into that, but you people can go out and make up your own mind about whether or not you think Joe the Plumber is a kid-fucker. But, you know, he totally is.

I want this fucker in a steel cage, mano y mano. He can wear his little Ohio State sweatshirt that he's always sporting around, I'll throw on my purple LSU hoodie.

Joe the Plumber needs his fucking ass whipped.

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