Monday, October 27, 2008

Link Whores

  • 15 great Sportscasting Bloopers. On 205th
  • Marissa Miller Plays Softball in Remington Ad, Looks Attractive Doing It. The Angry T
  • Kobe, A-Rod, Phelps & Tony Hawk in a new Guitar Hero commercial. Salty Milk
  • The list of Vegas Odds to win the NBA 2008/2009 Regular Season MVP. Cuzoogle
  • The correct instructions of how to do a Louisville Chugger at your next tailgate. Tailgating Ideas
  • Someone needs to inform Rachel Bilson that females believe the 10/31 holiday is known as Stripoween. The Blog of Hilarity
  • GMoney breaks down the losers of the past weekend in his hilarious and cynical way. He makes me laugh every time I read one of his posts. The Money Shot
Oh, I just want to be on the record that Mike Singletary should have made J.T O'Sullivan go back to the locker room. That bum QB cost me an easy fantasy victory. My 2 QBs, Romo and Rodgers, were unable to play so I picked O'Turnovermachine like a hungover moron on a Sunday morning.

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