Friday, March 27, 2009

All Eyez On Me

My boy, Big Corn Oil, and I took our 14 year old hoops team to the Wizards/Bobcats game on Wednesday at the Verizon Center in DC. We scored a suite box for the teen crew and at the halftime entertainment, this little dribbling prodigy named Felix put on a show.

Lil Felix went with multiple balls and his handle is better than most teenagers. 

Pretty sik display eh?

The Zards edged out a W in a game of who did want to win, aka, UGLY and thus, making sure the 2008-9 Washington Wizards did not become the first team to not win one game in their division. Wiz were 0-14 with only 2 games left for losing history.
Some ray of hope for the franchise was Agent Zero getting his jumper nice in a full speed pre game workout. 

The only way this team gets back to playoff caliber is if Gil gets his All Star groove back. If not, they are screwed big time with the cap but Blake Griffin would help next year. :)

The first pick will prolly not materialize so then Wiz should trade down for a point guard like VCU's  Eric Maynor or gobble up Spain's Ricky Rubio if he gets his buy out to be in draft.  Both are Rondo like with the basketball and also, Tyreke Evans showed some NBA game in Memphis' upset loss to Mizzou. 

My Pitt title over Memphis in final is partially busted and the President is still beating me and so is Mike and Mike. UGH! 

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