Sunday, March 22, 2009

Link Whores

  • The New England Euphoria, Expansion Lingerie Football Team Holds Tryouts. The Angry T
  • A helpful fix for Megan Fox junkies. Camel Tap
  • Following the lead of record companies, Hollywood Studios are looking to make life shittier and less convenient for their customers in order to protect profits. Decline Hollywood Daily
  • Alessandra Ambrosio Makes Little Boys And Big Boys Drool Alike. The Beer Goggler
  • Photos of the volcano explosion in Tonga. Mondoweiss
  • Marquette's head coach Buzz Williams should have been Td up for bumping into an official and his temper tantrum antics at the end of Eagles' loss to Mizzou. The constant whining to officials by college coaches after every call gets real old to watch. Coack K is the worst. Tirico Suave
  • Des Moines Sports Radio personality goes on a 4 letter tirade. This is how I feel about the rudder less basketball and football programs at Iowa. Huff Po
  • Bruce Willis married a 30 year old hot model. Dude is just a legend. Yep Yep


GMoney said...

I know that they probably weren't hers, but Katy Mixon's tits revelation last night was glorious.

Doug said...

Thanks for the link, man, and for cluing me in to "Eastbound and Down." Watched it for the first time this past weekend and laughed my ass off.

"Thought this was VIP. Who are these motherfuckers?"

Mac G said...

Gmoney, dont ruin my wet dreams.