Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"This Just In, Ted Stevens Has Led The Happiest Life In The History Of The World"

Maybe Senator Teddy Bear's life is not so happy anymore now that the Feds have raided his Alaskan home. It appears the man, who famously labeled the Internet a series of tubes, had his house size illegally doubled by an oil company for free or at a very reduced price.

This same oil company's executives have recently pled guilty to bribing public officials.Things do not look well for Ted and his temper could be a problem in the pokey.

Here is video of a "Coot Off" between Teddy Bear Ted and Senator Byrd.

Teddy Bear throwing a tantrum on the Senate floor.

Teddy Bear's infamous tubes comments.

Video Recap of the story courtesy of Talking Points Memo TV

FBI and IRS raid Teddy Bear's House
Internet is made up of tubes
Ted's House Doubles
Review of Teddy Bear's troubles
Alaskan Politicians love bribes, Duke Stir would be proud
UPDATE: Teddy Bear Growls
“Can you understand English?! That’s the only statement I’m going to make.”

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