Monday, July 30, 2007


I would rather not focus on my personal life but Mac G just returned from a once in a lifetime experience. A trip up to Cooperstown with my father to see my lifetime baseball idol, Cal Ripken Junior get inducted to the baseball Hall of Fame. Simply AWESOME!

70K fans made the pilgrimage to the Village of Cooperstown, setting an all time attendance record. Padres and Orioles fans celebrated their baseball heroes together in harmonious unison. It was an unbelievable setting and a true final farewell for 2 of baseball's greatest players/human beings.

If you are a baseball fan, I implore you to make the trip to see this place before you die. It will be worth whatever money and effort it takes to make it up to Bumble F nowhereville New York.

I have plenty to say very shortly about my trip. Pete Rose is a circus act, Bud Selig was booed HEAVILY, an up close Johnny Travolta sighting, Goose Gossage is cool, Mike Schmidts an ahole, plenty of Bonds/Roids fan conversations, a first hand view of the whole autograph memorabilia racket, and much more.

Here are some cell phone pictures that I have and apologize in advance for the crappy quality. One is of Charlie Hustle himself, looking for some table scraps.

I have never been prouder to be an Oriole fan and yes, they have had nine straight losing seasons!!

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