Thursday, August 02, 2007

Jon Lovitz is not a fan of Hercules Selig

I apologize to all of my readers but Mac G needs to get whatever tech device that can download what I watch on my TV immediately to Youtube. If anyone has any suggestions, please help.

I am watching Bonds/Dodgers game on ESPN because I am trying to see how many live Bonds ABs I can observe without him actually homering. I think I am at 40 and counting over the past two weeks.

During the game, Chris Berman introduces an Erin Andrews interview of a Hollywood Star and immediately I wonder if Jon Lovitz is at the game for some friendly banter.

BINGO Baby! Erin found Lovitz in the crowd and he had PLENTY to say. I guess he is a big Giants fan and just went OFF on Bud Hercules Selig. He remarked that a player had told him 7 years ago that 40 percent of the players were on roids. Lovitz sarcastically questioned if he knew this 7 years ago, how could Bud not know this? He had some choice words for the incompetence/ ignorance of Selig too. Lovitz might be my new hero after reading that he pounded annoying Andy Dick's head into a bar a few weeks ago. BRAVO Lovitz!

After Lovitz's rant, hottie Andrews ended the interview by plainly saying, "I have no more questions to ask." Berman and Morgan had no real reply either, with Berman stammering, "well there is another opinion." Both were saved by a In-Studio game update and they changed the topic when they returned. Coincidence? Or some ESPN producer in the truck throwing them a life preserver? I will try to find this video ASAP!

Selig just had a bizarre press conference
where he talked about his Herculean effort to attending all of these recent Bonds games. Selig did not attend the game tonight, however, he will able to overcome that charter flight tomorrow to sunny San Diego and endure a seat in a club level box. This is just how Hercules would defeat life's obstacles, head on in a luxury suite!

The only the boos that I heard during the whole Hall of Fame induction weekend were showered LOUDLY after the introduction of the Baseball Commissioner. I am sure they were just unhappy with the financing plans they received from Selig's Car Lots.

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Uncle Mikey said...

"I'm gonna go home and give my wife the old pickle tickle" may be the best line in a sports movie, ever

Anonymous said...

This was the best Freakin thing I've ever seen on TV!!!!!!!!! I love my giants Love Barry Bonds I've been saying the same stuff!! Pickle tickle is hysterical!