Thursday, August 02, 2007

This One's for North Carolina! C'mon and Raise up! Take Your Shirt Off, Twist it 'Round Yo' Head, Spin it Like a Helicopter

I do not know if this letter above is legit or not but it is still pretty awesome. The "please masturbate in your own room," kind of gives it away. I am big fan of the UNC Tarheels, especially their baby blue colors and Smoking HOT women!

I dated a Tarheel once, alright dated is a not the right word, too strong. We had sexual relations for a long period of time. She was a great girl, long legs, tight body, loved her Heels and hated Duke. And was a freaky freak in the sack. Win, Win all around. GO HEELS! OH, the glory days and yes, MONOGAMY STILL Blows!

OH, here is another great picture for Harley lovers and guys everywhere.

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