Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mr. US Debt Rising, Got to Keep on RISING

Bush wants 50 billion more for his illegal disastrous invasion of a sovereign nation or otherwise known as the Iraqi Clusterfuck. My analogy of Bush and Cheney in casino continually racing to the ATM with our tax payers money keeps ringing true.

I remember one of the main issues of the 2000 campaign was which candidate would do what with our budget surpluses. Surpluses? that is a good one.

Now, the Democrats are the party of fiscal discipline and the Republican party continues to support unlimited spending of tax dollars for nation building. Ronald Reagan must be rolling around in his grave.

The National Debt is now 7.9 trillion and rising.

Some debt is not a bad thing but having too much is quite obviously bad fiscal behavior. Go ask any American straddled with large payments on their credit cards. How long do you have to pay the interest before you can actually pay the capitol.

In Fiscal Year 2006, the U. S. Government spent $406 Billion of your money on interest payments* to the holders of the National Debt. Compare that to NASA at $15 Billion, Education at $61 Billion, and Department of Transportation at $56 Billion.

We spend 4 times the money on the interest on our debt than we do on education and transportation COMBINED!

This 50 billion that Bush wants is additional from the $460 billion in the fiscal 2008 defense budget and the $147 billion in a pending supplemental bill to fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Nor does it include the 456 Billion that we already have spent in Iraq.

I am sure Congress will cave and keep giving Bush all that he wants. I have no idea how to end this Fn war and I am scared shitless that he will start another one with Iran before his god awful White House tenure is over. Read this if you think a Iran war is far fetched.

It was the 2 year anniversary of Kartina. Remember the disaster that nearly wiped out one of our coolest cities. Bush's boy Brownie the horse trader sure knew how to respond. The disaster knocked the invincibility swagger out of the Bush Administration's sails and they have never ever recovered. It unmasked their total incompetency and highlighted their lackluster compassion towards poor people. The strategy of blaming state and local officials was highly ineffective. People wanted results and actions.

Wonder if those people could use some federal money not caught up in red tape?
It’s hard to get an accurate estimate because the [cost of occupying Iraq] mounts so rapidly every minute. Can’t help wondering how much farther along the [Gulf Coast] rebuilding would be, how much more could be spent to improve public education, insure the 43 million Americans without health insurance, ad nauseum. Great legacy you’re leaving, George.

I could not have said it better myself.

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