Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Skip to My Throat Slash

Skip to My Lou created the whole And One phenomenon with his Mix Tape. His moves were sick! If it was not for Skip to My Lou, the And One Tour and Shoe line would not be anything.

In the NBA, Skip to My Lou was Rafer Alston, a journeyman, who had one good season with the Heat and got a huge contract out of it. He was ran out of Toronto for a bad attitude and played last season in Houston.

Htown's smog and out of control sprawl must be getting to him. In less than a month, he has spit out on a parking attendant and now just slashed some dude at a NYC nightclub.

He will always be Skip to My Lou to me, no matter if its Skip to the Pokey.

Check out just one of his videos.

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