Monday, March 31, 2008

"Use Fn ERP!"

Denver is still riding their Colorado Rockies 07 high and fans are pumped for the 08 season. The only thing I witnessed rivaling the excessive Rox hype was the aggressive behavior of white panhandlers in Denver.

These poor down trodden souls layered their sob stories on extra thick. "I ran out of money to go back home to Reno" or "My truck broke down and needs fixing," or "My ex wife sold my things to this pawn shop and need to get them back." blah, blah, blah.

I am used to the East Coast bums who just ask for 20 cents and usually refrain from long tales of bull crap. My favorite DC beggars are the ones who make signs simply asking for booze money. I respect their honesty and need for cheap liquor.

Anyway, I read in Sunday's Denver Post that Rox OF Brad Hawpe took part in a hilarious commercial for Easton and there was a YouTube video. Check it out and Ron Stilanovich is awesome.

I am sure this video is on other blogs and I apologize for not linking but I am too lazy to google search.

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