Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Two Curly W's and a Goose Egg

I was flying back to the Nation's Capitol on Sunday night during the Nat's season opener and first regular season MLB game ever at the new stadium.

Here is an example of the text messages blasted my way when I landed.
"New stadium looks awesome"
"Bush got served sum boos!"
"Bar in center is sweet"
"O's released Jay Gibbons, go nats"
"Guzman gets 1st hit @stadium, INSANITY!"

There were several other mundane inquisitive texts but you get the point as fans were excited for Nats baseball. Seriously? Pinch Me because I'm a drunk Irish!

By the time I reached my pad and turned on the game for the score, Ryan Zimmerman's sick walk off was already completed. The bros at Mister Irrelevant have the cool video.

The Nats followed up the dramatic win with a slug fest victory in Philly on Monday. Does this mean what I think it means? OH YES, 2-0, MLB leaders!

This is the first time the Nats have been above .500 since October 1, 2005, when a loss to the Phillies dropped them to 81-80.

I am sure the nAAAts will come back at some point but hey, spring is an optimistic time. Do I dare say 3-0?

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