Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I am No Fool

Here are a few of my favorite attempted April Fool's Day blog posts from yesterday.

Jake over at Bullets Forever had me for a millisecond that Wizards Forward Oleksiy Pecherov(Opec for short, or Baby Stewie) was arrested after the Wizards/Jazz game trying to pick up a hooker.

I quickly realized in Mormon white bread Utah that locating prostitutes have to be as rare as finding a good starfuks barista there. Google News Alert picked up his joke as real and thus proving that computers do not have a sense of humor.

Bugs and Cranks, a great baseball site, wrote a clever post about finally getting an email interview with Steve Bartman. Yes, that Bartman.

Even though I questioned the peculiar parts where Bartman stated he has had several girlfriends since the foul ball incident and he attended the Cubs/Diamondbacks playoff series without a disguise or body guard detail for that matter, the joke clincher for me was when Bartman quipped that he studied Krav Maga, an Israeli army combat techniques, to protect himself. This detail reeks in bull crap and wittiness.

One of my favorite new blogs is Stuff White People Like and they busted out a classic for Fool's Day. They detailed a sarcastic fake post about Target buying their blog and some of the one liners are hysterical.

I thought the New York Knicks finally hiring a real basketball man to run their franchise after the current Isiah Thomas debacle was a joke but no, it is real.

Knicks CEO James Dolan must have thought with all the recent political sex scandals in the New York area, he could risk Zeke exposing those blackmailed pictures he had of him for all of these years. It is the only rationale I could think of Dolan keeping Thomas and his record of futility around for so long. Rewarding such poor performance is usually just reserved for incompetent Bush Administration officials.

Hey Matt Millen, be afraid, be very afraid.

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