Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Annie Oakley's Drinking Again

Maybe this explains Hillary's bizarre, puzzling George Wallace like campaign behavior. She is all boozed up on the sauce.

The best repercussions of the Clintons' losing their power stranglehold on the Democratic party will be that clown consultants like Terry McAuliffe are no longer relevant in our political discourse.

The GOP loves McAuliffe because he lined his pockets while gutting the DNC and losing elections as head of the party.


Here is what will happen in the Democratic Indiana/North Carolina primaries today. I have seen this before somewhere, hmmmm.

Wake Me When it is over because I do not think I can spend another election evening watching those blowhards on cable news. It is hard enough consuming Nats/Orioles games on a nightly basis.

HT:Booman Tribune/ Talking Points Memo

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