Monday, May 05, 2008

Link Whores

  • Bears RB appears to have problems with BWB in Texas. (Boating While Black.) I figured an ex Longhorn star would get better treatment while returning to Austin. Clubhouse Cancer
  • If Marvin Harrison's Belgian assault weapon can be involved in a felony shooting, there are no limits to what can happen to people in sports. The Money Shot
  • I have been trapped in Orioles fandom since my father dressed me in infant O's gear. Dude is giving me horrible flashbacks with an Orioles all crap decade team. Simon on Sports
  • The world can never have enough hot chicks. Cuzoogle
  • I just learned what a Potato sack girl is and Iowa just went from the Hawkeye to the Spud state. Barstool Sports
  • When a girl's Myspace quote reads "If you’re going to ride my ass, at least pull my hair," she deserves instant link attention. Hottest Girl's of Myspace
  • "Hot or Not?" is one of the best games on the series of tubes. (I vote HOT) Don Chavez
  • This old man wants to be burried in a coffin that looks like a PBR can. They are using it as an cooler until he croaks. Awesome. Tasty Booze
  • The Cougardar is on overload with these sizzling Jennifer Anniston pix. On 205th
  • LSU QB went from potential stardom to broke with no scholarship. Brahsome
  • Older athletes might complain about the dramatic increase in the amount of money today's players make but at least they did not have to deal with fans snapping pictures of their exploits with camera phones and having them end up online. For the record, I approve of Matt Leinart's exploits, use of a beer bong and choice of women. Epic Carnival
  • I did not talk much about the NFL draft because well the coverage is already over done and all these rankings mean jack until about 3 or 4 years from now. The Packers in 1989 taking Tony Mandarich over Barry Sanders and Deion Sanders will follow me to my death. The Legend of Cecilio Guante
  • Over the weekend my Republican buddy who works for a Congressman was trying to blame the price of gas on the House Democratic leadership. He forgets about this guy and his long time family connections with the oil industry. Bright Black Internet
  • Van Wilder to marry Scarlett Johansson. Holy Taco
  • In case people need a remedy for their Cinco De Mayo hangover, Else Benitez can bring your buzz back. CO-ED Magazine

  • Amy Smart has black tape on her nipples. Hollywood Rulz. My Chill Pill

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Johnny Utah said...

thanks for the link macg

GMoney said...

Thanks for the link, Darius Songaila.

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