Monday, June 11, 2007

"Guess Whos Back, Back Again, Shady's Back, Tell a Friend"

These 2 photos sum up my weekend wedding trip to the heartland. Without getting too much into Mac G's personal life that no one cares about, who are the 3 most essential people for a wedding to actually take place? Bride, Groom and usually a man of cloth to officially wed the two. Well, the pastor had some "emergency," and arrived at 4:35 for a 4 o'clock opening ceremony pitch, leaving a crowded church perplexed. Some even legitimately pondered if a walkout had just occurred. ( I took 4:20 in the, "when does the pastor show up" pool).

The happy couple made it down the aisle and their marathon honeymoon sex show better be happening right now in Mexico.

Mac G and posse closed down the local gentleman's club both weekend nights, located stumbling distance from our Super 8 hotey. Just a slice of summer Americana in the Hawkeye State. Unfortunately, Ossy's Show Club did not have any "talent" that looked like Jordan Monroe.

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Hoffa said...

prime rib at a strip club, only in God's country

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