Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Is there booze in those drinks? Really?"

OU's football program has acknowledged giving their players banned supplements.

Oklahoma blamed one violation on a nutritional company inadvertently shipping a banned substance it identified as "an identical product bearing the same name" as a legal product that had been ordered by the university. In the second instance, Oklahoma reported the football program's strength and conditioning staff failed to review the ingredients of a new nutritional supplement.

Would OU's explanation hold up in a court of law? "Sorry Judge, I never ordered those roids in the mail" or "I had no clue Oxycontin was illegal without a prescription." Come on. This is as believable as Mac G's weekend hangovers being produced by pounding Odouls all night or The Dude's Man White Russians containing only leche. (Ya know that is milk in Spanish) The metaphors are endless. I have one more, 2 words: The Boz.

OU banned substances
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