Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"NFL's Bad Boyz, Bad Boyz, Watcha Going Do?"

The NFL's two top poster boys for bad behavior (Combined 9 arrests in less than 2 years!!) are in the news again today. Bengals WR Chris Henry, already suspended for the first 8 games of the NFL season, is under criminal investigation for allegedly assisting in the beat down of a 16 year old kid that lives in his neighborhood.

Titans CB Adam "Pac Man "Jones has dropped his appeal of his year long suspension. The media consensus is that this action will put him in the good graces of NFL Commish Roger Goddell and make him eligible for a reduced suspension after Week 10. This is on the condition that Pac Man stays out of trouble and does not get arrested again.

Well, this could be problematic for Pac Man as the Las Vegas DA is determining today whether or not to file criminal charger for his involvement in the "Making it Rain" triple shooting at the a Vegas strip club. Police think they have enough evidence to charge Pac Man with felony coercion, misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor threats to life.

Man, where to start with this. Henry is a Fn moron! If true, these charges will be the end of his Bengal and perhaps (See Raiders) NFL career. Giving teenage girls booze and driving blazed with loaded guns is stupid enough, but helping beat up a 16 year old kid? It reminds me of the jumping of the African biker that sent Anthony Soprano over the edge.

Good Ole Pac Man! My southern sources have told me that he just does not give a FLYING F about anything and never backs down. Also, he has been witnessed just pounding moonshine shots all over the Nashville metro area. This is not a good combination to avoid confrontations with the Po Po.

According to this Vegas story it is hard who to believe. First, Pac Man is an idiot to think wads of cash around strippers are just props. When you "make it rain", they grovel. This is how these women make the loot to put food on their kids table and pay for their coke/meth habits. Do you think they stay skinny by pole exercising or eating right? Funny.

Also, it is hard to believe the accounts of bitter strippers and bozo meat head bouncers. Both possess very low credibility and have personal/financial motivation to fabricate stories against Pac Man.

The underlying story that does not get enough attention is both Pac Man and Henry are both West Virginia University alums. (Well alums is stretching it a little bit, to um , ah, a "degree?") What the HE!! is going on in Morgantown?I thought their only claim to fame was their burning couches with great regularity and success.

Head Coach Rich Rodriquez must have some "Keeping It Real" class to go along with his sweet spread offense. I hope this does not affect Pat White's or Steve Slaton's Heisman chances or draft stock. Those dudes are straight up SICK to watch. I guess WVU's AD did clean up their image by hiring Huggie Bear to run their hoops program! OOPS!

I hope Pac Man and Henry do not "Keep it Real" too much and end up like Vernon Franklin.

Chris Henry might have Kept it Real
Pac Man Drops Appeal
Pac Man made it rain
DA to decide Pac Mac charges
UPDATE:Henry is off hook, Kid was lying
I do love the sweet Michael Irvinesq courtroom fur coat Henry is pimping in the TV news staff photo.

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